Vi-Ability’s mission is to help tackle the community issues of financially unsustainable sports clubs, economic inactivity and youth disengagement through innovative programme’s and products.

Vi-Ability works with young people to help turn around struggling community sports clubs, equipping them with business and employability skills and transforming clubs into viable businesses and thriving community hubs. Combining our sporting and business expertise, we develop programmes for young people that aim to:

- Reduce the number of disengaged young people, to use sports as a starting point to motivate a generation to contribute to their communities and learn how to be entrepreneurs.

- Help sports clubs to be run like a business, achieving financial surpluses and creating jobs within a community.



 A  training programme in action

 A  training programme in action

Our Vision:

“For every community to have a thriving and financially stable sports club at its heart, providing opportunities for individuals to develop employability and life skills, and ultimately broaden their horizons.”

Our Values:

●      At Vi-Ability we pride ourselves on being AMBITIOUS both for our own organisation and for those people that we work with.

●      We are ENTREPRENEURIAL, striving to be the best in what we do and daring to be innovative in the way we do it

●      We are FLEXIBLE, offering a personable and adaptable approach with the goal of achieving the best possible outcome for those who we work with

●      INTEGRITY is important to us, we operate with honesty and have a commitment to social good.